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Earn Porridge Points!

How To Earn Porridge (Loyalty) Points

1. Please login or register to earn reward points and view your balance. Points cannot be earned if you place an order as a “Guest.” Click below to login or register an account 👇

2. Earn porridge points with every purchase. No minimum order values apply.

3. Loyalty points are awarded based on the value of the products you purchase and displayed on the product pages. 

4. Loyalty points are rewarded and available to redeem, when displayed in your customer account. You must register an account to earn and review your points.

5. Loyalty points are allocated to your account once your order has shipped.

How To Redeem Porridge (Loyalty) Points

Please ensure you are logged-in in order for our system to access your reward points balance.

You will be given an option to redeem your porridge points once you have reached a threshold spend (£10) for a discount off your order on the Cart page, after adding some products to your cart. 

You may redeem as little as you like.

Porridge Points Expiry

Porridge points balance will roll over if you order before 12 months has passed.

Can Porridge Points Be Combined With Discount Codes?

Sorry, reward points can’t be combined with discount or promo codes at this time.

Product Returns

Should you decide to make a return within 14 days of receiving your order, we will return the associated reward points that were redeemed at the time of first purchase. We will also reclaim any reward points that were earned on the returned products.

Need More Help?

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