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Supermarket Instant Oats vs Simplyseedz

Supermarket Instant Oats vs Simplyseedz

Instant porridge may not be as good as you think!


We're recommended to eat porridge as it's so good for you. With slow release energy, oats help lower cholesterol, they're heart healthy and recommended to combat type 2 diabetes and more.

And it's easier than ever to get your fill with the whole array of instant porridge pots displayed in your local supermarket.

So be honest, put your hands up if you still feel hungry an hour or so after eating a typical supermarket instant porridge pot? And I'm aware that some folks admit to having two pots for breakfast or 3 sachets to try to keep hunger at bay.

Well, don't worry, it's not your fault you're still hungry!

And yet the reason is clear.

An instant porridge pot is a highly processed mix of finely ground or blitzed oats (resembling dust) with added flavourings (eg Golden syrup oats) & milk powder.

Even those marked as no added sugar, (check the label for words sucrose, xylitol, etc) and you'll find that 30% or more is hidden sugar in the flavourings and milk powder. These breakfast cereals, marketed as being healthy are ultra processed and are churned out with little nutritional value or concern about your real health.

So it is a FACT that all porridge oats or porridge oat pots are NOT the same!

To really nail the benefits of porridge is that you definitely need jumbo oats or steel cut oats.

Steel cut oats are a good solution if you have lots of time on your hands because they need longer preparation time. 

Hence here at Simplyseedz, we use British Jumbo oats as time is precious but jumbo rolled oats still have the fibre you need to keep your gut (microbiome) healthy. They give slow release energy that make your gut work as it should, keeping you fuller longer.

Sugar content of supermarket brands, from article- Instant porridge may not be as healthy as advertised Independent Feb 2017

"Quaker Oats golden syrup porridge is one of the worst offenders at 29.5g of sugar per 100g, but they’re by no means alone - here are some of the others to consume cautiously if you’re watching your sugar intake:

  • MOMA cranberry and raisin porridge - 27.1g sugar per 100g
  • Kellogg’s Coco Pops porridge - 20g sugar per 100g
  • Perkier gluten free golden syrup porridge - 19g sugar per 100g
  • Ready Brek chocolate porridge - 17g sugar per 100g
  • Oomf! Golden syrup protein porridge oats - 14.4g sugar per 100g" 

Having a healthy gut helps combat type 2 diabetes and boosts your immune system in these Covid days. Pretty important right now.

Our friend, Dr Clare Bailely Mosley, TV GP & Nutritionist regarding managing Type 2 diabetes, cholesterol & gut health:

"The best porridge is the jumbo or steel cut oats as its least processed. The worst type is the instant processed type"

So for your gut, heart & diabetes prevention, please choose the least processed oats.

As you know Simplyseedz porridge is an unprocessed mix of jumbo rolled oats, pumpkin & sunflower seeds for extra fibre & nutrition and real fruit.