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Sensational Overnight Oats Made Easy

Sensational Overnight Oats Made Easy


With the UK summer on the horizon and warmer days ahead, it's time for
refreshingly simple OVERNIGHT OATS!

It's super easy to make overnight oats using a Simplyseedz porridge pot and we've got some great tips for a healthy summer.



  • STEP 1
    • Select a Simplyseedz porridge pot (any flavour) and choose the favourite milk or juice* you wish to use
  • STEP 2
    • Add enough milk or juice* to just cover all the ingredients. (NOTE: Don't fill to line marked on the outer of the pot as this will be too soft a consistency)
  • STEP 3
    • Give it a good stir, pop the lid back on the pot.
  • STEP 4
    • Refrigerate for approx 30 mins or overnight if possible
  • STEP 5
    • Pots will remain good prepared as overnight oats for up to 24 hours when kept in a fridge
  • STEP 6
    • When serving, add any extra toppings - blueberries, raspberries, strawberries etc.

*Juice - When using juice, we recommend diluting equal parts 50/50. This is because of the high sugar level in fruit juice and ensures that the overnight oats are not over sweetened or flavoured.

Our favourite Overnight Oat recipes below 👇

  • Apple & Cinnamon (A quick Bircher muesli)
    • soak in diluted apple juice, top with grated apple
  • Date & Apricot
    • soak in diluted fresh orange juice, top with fresh apricots or banana
  • Dark Chocolate & Ginger
    • soak in oat milk, top with flaked almonds & grated dark chocolate
  • Apricot & Cranberry
    • soak in oat milk or diluted orange juice, top with sliced banana
  • Simply Plain (Tropical or Lemon)
    • soak in oat or coconut milk, add fresh fruit (eg pineapple chunks give a tropical taste)
    • or mix in Greek lemon yoghurt, grated lemon zest and raspberries