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Our Dragons Den Experience!

Our Dragons Den Experience!

Dragons Den - Simplyseedz

I get asked alot about my experience about entering the Den, so here is how it came about!

Dragons Den was a regular view on a Sunday evening and while many folk had said, Simplyseedz should go on the show, I was never going to apply due to fear.

That said, I did eventually apply. But this was only because I got a call from one of their programme researchers asking me to - February 2017

I truly didn't expect to get through all the hoops in the application process. 

But I did!

And an invite to be filmed arrived for May 2017.

I remember the day well. It was a very, very hot day! A studio somewhere in Manchester..

With no sleep the night before,  and constantly going through my mind all the information I needed to present, and who did I want, given the chance, to have as a Dragon for Simplyseedz?

Instructions were to be at the studio/location for 6.15am which started with meeting the crew and program team with an overview of how the day would be. There wasn't a specific timetable, your time to enter the Den would be announced as and when, meanwhile, time was spent in the green room until it was time to meet the Dragons!

At 4.15pm (oh yes 10hrs later) it was time to go to the lift door. I was accompanied by Paul, a small investor.

So we waited at the lift door, but it didn't open!

A shout from behind the scenes "CUT!!" and a crew member rushes out. 

Unfortunately a Dragon had to take an important phone call and had been called away from the set. We had to wait, not knowing for how long. They did bring us chairs...

When we entered the Den, it was quite surreal. Nerve wracking, for sure.

To find out how we did, watch the episode, the link is below.

No regrets 😬